Redness, desquamation, pustules, spots. Many of these skin blemishes are a result of our negligence. Here’s how to put a stop to them.

Flawless skin is also a product of countless small attentions which are the basis for our daily beauty routine. We have often talked about the importance of choosing the right daily skincare products: cleaners, moisturizers, antiaging products, make-up. But there is more to a perfect skincare routine than just having the tools for the job.
First and foremost, mentally recap everything that came in contact with your skin during the day: it might include important sources of chemical or microbial contamination. Take linens: pillowcases should be strictly personal and changed often. So should towel, which should also be distinguished by body part. Hair brushes, combs and haircare tools must be washed regularly. Razors are completely personal and must also be changed or disinfected daily. When one applies make-up, skin flakes, bacteria and sebum inevitably contaminate your products, brushes and beauty blenders: none of these tools should be shared.
Wash your make up tools and brushes frequently with a delicate detergent and lots of water. Make sure they dry completely before using them. Needless to say (but I will anyway), not removing your make-up before going to bed is anathema. No exception, not even when you’re exhausted: grab that face wipe and be done with it! On the opposite end of the spectrum, washing your face too often can further irritate your skin, causing it to break out. The optimal number is twice a day – when you wake up and before going to bed – using a non-aggressive cleanser and lukewarm water. Proper cleansing in the morning washes away night-time cutaneous secretions, and in the evening removes all the pesky dirt and smog you accumulate during the day. The proper cleansing technique starts by applying the cleanser on wet skin with the tips of your fingers, and then delicately rubbing with a slight circular motion. Then rinse your face with lots of lukewarm water.
The skin should also be dried in the right way, by using soft absorbing towels and delicately patting instead of rubbing. If you have dry skin, always apply a moisturizer after cleansing. If you are prone to sweating because of the heat or physical activity, gently pat the moisture away with a clean towel. Never, ever touch your face with less-than-immaculate hands. Another pro-tip is keeping your hair out of your face, especially when it’s oily or anything less than clean: go for a soft up-do. If you’re chilling at home, get rid of the make-up and let your skin breathe naturally for a few hours, or a whole day if you’re lucky.
The domestic environment or whichever indoor space you spend most of your day in should be clean, dusted and as free from chemical substances as possible. Try therefore to use simple, biodegradable substances or, better still, steam to clean your living space. Regularly airing the areas you live or work in is also paramount: try to do this in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening, when it’s cooler outside.
A plethora of precautions and expedients, which will all help you feel comfortable in your skin and keep it looking heathy and young.

Article of  Dr Adele Sparavigna for https://4me.styl