Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology.

All my knowledge and all my experience have always put them at the service of my patients, because they do not feel alone and uninformed but at the center of the solution of their problems.


Born in Pompei, graduated at the University of Naples, she then obtained a Specialization in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Milan. During the course of specialization she deepened the issues concerning non-invasive skin diagnostics and in particular the study of skin elasticity, supporting dermatological research to clinical activity, which continues today through studies and research conducted at the the Derming Institute of Milano, of which she is the founder, and the specialized services at her studio.

Regarding the research, she is dedicated to the study of cutaneous pathophysiology and the interaction between skin and drugs, cosmetics, textiles and, more generally, all products intended for contact with the skin, publishing studies in specialized journals and presenting own works at national and international congresses. The clinical activity, not neglecting the issues related to skin diseases, makes use of the powerful experience gained in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic research and it is from this privileged view that the treatments are bornand the prescriptions for a personalized and natural beauty.

Curriculum Vitae


My knowledge and my passion for dermatology push me to promote and adhere to social initiatives, aimed at sensitizing different audiences on issues related to skin health.

  • Cute Sana Project: public awareness campaign, born in 2005, about the frontline role of the dermatologist in the evaluation and treatment of healthy skin and observational study in Italy¬∑
  • Quitting makes you beautiful: a pilot project, conducted in the city of Milan, in favor of the fight against smoking in women¬∑
  • The Catamaran of Health: project born in 2011 with the aim of sensitizing the Italian population on the importance of proper sun exposure www.ilcatamaranodellasalute.it
  • World no Tobacco Day: raising awareness on the occasion of the World Day for the fight against Tobacco


Il Catamarano Della Salute 2011Progetto Cute Sana 2005Smettere Ti Fa BellaWorld No Tobacco Day 2013Il Catamarano della Salute 2013