Minerva Ginecol. 2013

Pluchino N, Santoro AN, Sparavigna A, Vesnaver R, Cenni A, Oliva M, Genazzani AR.

AIM: The aim of this paper was to evaluate by clinical and non-invasive instrumental evaluations, the efficacy and the tolerance of a cosmetic slimming treatment for menopausal women used topically (for at least 3 years) under dermatological control.
METHODS: A controlled double blind, randomised study was performed to compare the slimming efficacy of the cosmetic slimming treatment versus placebo after 4 weeks of treatment.
RESULTS: Cosmetic slimming treatment twice a day for 4 weeks reduced abdomen and hips fat, with no significant variation in body weight in comparison with the placebo.
CONCLUSION: The present study evidenced the clinical effectiveness and women satisfaction of a slimming treatment specifically studies for postmenopausal adipose tissue with potential interesting consequences on measures of quality of life and on health-care programs.