Making Cosmetics 2016 - Milano - 22-23 Novembre 2016

ENG: Supported by an active research and innovative technologies, the development of aesthetic medicine treatments, that’s one business that’s never going to suffer. Before a medical device for aehstetic use (fillers, biorevitalization, permanent hair removal and photorejuvenation instruments…) can be launched in the European Economic Area, it must receive a CE mark. The CE mark confirms that the medical device meets certain “essential requirements” (in example that it is fit and safe for the intended purpose). Despite this, the potential serious adverse events and the important ethical implications, make it necessary an accord of guide-lines for medical devices testing. Moreover it would be advisable the establishment of an independent multidisciplinary control authority able to ensure the effective scientific validity and the legal and ethical aspects of pre and post-marketing clinical trials.


Adele Sparavigna
Derming srl