Adele Sparavigna 1, Antonino Di Pietro 2

1DERMING, Clinical Research and Bioengineering Institute, Milan, Italy

2VITA CUTIS Istituto Dermoclinico 

Journal of Plastic and Pathology Dermatology, vol.14, n.4, 2018

Aim: This research was aimed to determine the anti-age activity of a phospholipids-based face serum. It has also been assessed the immediate re-epithelizing and restoring activity of the study product.

Methods: 20 female volunteers (45 to 65 years) were enrolled in this open, single center study, under dermatological control. The product effectiveness was assessed clinically and by non-invasive instrumental evaluations through two distinct studies. The long-term study has evaluated the serum anti-age efficacy applied on the face once a day, at the evening, for an uninterrupted period of 1 month.  The short-term study has assessed the re-epithelizing and restoring activity of the study product applied one single time on experimentally induced erythema by repeated tape stripping on the forearm (volar surface).

Results: The study product determined on the face 12 hours after the first application a significant reduction of crow’s feet wrinkles (lifting effect); after 1 month-treatment an important improvement on skin hydration (moisturizing activity), skin roughness around the eyes (anti-wrinkles activity), as well as on face volume and skin firmness (redensifying and revolumizing effect). In addiction the study formulation showed on the forearm, already 1 hour after a single application on experimentally induced erythema, a very important increase of superficial hydration, a low variation of epicutaneous pH (control and normalization activity) and a clinically relevant restoration of skin microrelief (re-epithelizing/restoring activity).

Conclusion: Results obtained by short and long-term study, confirm the anti-age efficacy and the immediate re-epithelizing and restoring activity of the tested product, together with the good/excellent tolerability. The most part of included subjects confirmed the efficacy of the tested serum.