Journal of Plastic Dermatology 2020 15(1):2019

Adele Sparavigna

DERMING S.r.l., Clinical Research and Bioengineering Institute, Milan, Italy.


The chronology of aging is to take into account if we want to set up effective prevention strategies. In this retrospective study, clinical data and photographic documentation collected during a period of more than 10 years of research were analysed. Data from panelists regularly participating in antiage activity tests for more than 10 years (old-group) and panelists entering Derming database more recently (new-group) were selected from the archives. Furthermore each of the groups was divided into 2 subgroups, namely 40-49 years and 50-60 years old subjects. Making different comparisons among the different groups regarding clinical score of aging signs and on the base of photographic documentation collected over years of observation, it was possible to observe very interesting trends in the dynamics of facial aging.