Skin Med Dermatology for the Clinician, Jan/Feb 2015:13(1) 23-29

A.Sparavigna, R.Vesnaver, A.Cenni, M.Oliva

The aim of this study was to evaluate by clinical and noninvasive instr umental evaluations the efficacy and tolerance of a cosmetic topi cal slimming treatment specific for light/moderate adipose pannicula at the level of the waist and hips. The protocol was per formed as a double-blind active vs placebo trial in 110 volunteers for a period of 4 weeks, with an additional visit 4 weeks after the last product applica tion. The following clinical/instr umental evaluation was per formed during the visit: clinical assessment of hip-abdomen adipose pannicula, circumference measurements, ultrasonographic evaluation of adipose pannicula thickness, and plicometr y.

At the end of treatment, the slimming activity of the study product resulted in clinically different results than placebo, determined by a significant decrease in abdomen/ hips circumferences and considerable reduction of abdomen/hips adipose pannicula thickness. The tolerability of the product was good and the enrolled volunteers expressed their full satisfaction with the studied product.